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Born on February 9, 1955, the eldest daughter of a ballet teacher (Pierrette Gagné) and an actor (Jean-Claude Robillard), she grew up in the magic of the performing arts, but also in the insecurity of having artists as parents. Consequently, although she went on writing stories dreamed up by her imagination, she chose a much more stable lifestyle for herself. The money she earned as a legal secretary enabled her to obtain a degree in literature and translation at the Université de Montréal, to put food on her table and, of course, to continue writing. She finally quit her job as a secretary and became a freelance translator, working from home. In 2005, at last, she became a full-time writer.

Fantasy has always been her main source of inspiration. As a teenager, she discovered the magical world of Tolkien, a kindred spirit who soon became her mentor. The supernatural found its way even in her most dramatic texts. Miraculous healing, reincarnation, invisible beings, magic, fairies and knights rapidly became her favourite themes. But at the time, the world was not ready to savour her unusual stories. Undaunted, she continued to create wonderful universes that made it possible for her friends and family to escape reality for a while.

The first book of  The Knights of Emerald saga, composed of fantasy novels, not historical ones,  was published in French in 2002. The series contains 12 books. Featuring charismatic and compassionate heroes, the adventures of The Knights of Emerald provide welcome relief to modern day stress.

The saga of The Knights of Emerald is not her first creation. Her novel Who is Terra Wilder? (Qui est Terra Wilder ?), a fantasy thriller written 10 years ago, was published in early 2006 by les Éditions de Mortagne, showing another side of her talent. Three years later, to answer the many requests made by readers, Anne wrote a sequel to Who is Terra Wilder?, called Captain Wilder (Capitaine Wilder).

In 2007, in addition to The Knight of Emerald saga, Anne has presented a new series entitled A.N.G.E., published by Lanctôt for the reading pleasure of her fans. The first volume "Antichristus", hit bookstores on February, 28th, 2007 and was closely followed by  Reptilis, Perfidia, Sicarius, Codex Angelicus, Tribulare, Absinthium and Periculum were published between 2008 and 2010. The saga end in 2011 with the publication of book 9 in the Spring and book 10 in the Fall!

Anne has also written scripts for movies and television series as well as other novels patiently waiting to be discovered.

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